Chenshan Botanical Garden's Bromeliad Valley takes on new look2021-01-27

The Bromeliad Valley in the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden recently took on a new look, with 345 specimens of nearly 100 plant varieties being replaced.

Meat-eating plants on display at Chenshan Botanic Garden2021-01-13

A new pavilion featuring carnivorous plants opened in Shanghai's Chenshan Botanic Garden on New Year's Day.

Chenshan Botanical Garden upgrading its specialized garden2020-12-02

The Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden in the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort is upgrading its chinkerinchee and perennials garden this year.

A land of Smurfs in China2020-07-03

The tiny, blue, mushroom-dwelling characters who have captivated the world for generations have found a new home at a recently opened theme park.

Guangfulin Archaeological Museum2020-05-15

The Guangfulin Archaeological Museum is currently in the phase of final preparations and will open to the public this year.

Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park2020-03-31

One must-visit site in the Sheshan National Tourist Resort

Year in review: Highlights from Sheshan's 20192020-01-03

A look back on the major events.

Smurfs build village in Shehsan2019-12-25

Dream City, the first Smurfs-themed park in the Asia-Pacific region, started trial operation in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort on Dec 18.

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